Convert your Gekko into a velomobile? Why not?

It’s already a few years since 3ike was born in Madrid. We’re always dreaming, both about recumbents, special bikes and about a society that accepts bikes as equals to pedestrians or motor vehicles.

We also dream about new projects. Some of them have already found their place, some others will find it at some point. Today we are working on something new that we hope you will love.

Short ago we were lucky enough to meet Fernando, a guy who’s fabulous at working with glass fiber. Actually he came to our shop looking for some bits & pieces for the velomobile he was working on for himself. He told me about it and amazed me with the pics of his invention, a reduced and re-proportioned scale of a Ferrari Enzo. It’s still unfinished and has a long way to go but so far the fairing looks fantastically well made.

And that’s what he’s at after building a couple of triathlon bikes wholly out of glassfiber which would totally fool you if you were told they’re carbon (just a little bit heavier).

This is just the point we needed to make reality our dream of building a removable and disassembling fairing for trikes. We found the person who can do it and we have the trike to start working on: an affordable, sectionable and reliable trike, an HP Velotechnik Gekko.

Choosing this model (initially) allows us to get an affordable price for the total, whilst enjoying two vehicles in one: a velomobile and a trike. At the same time, being detachable and sectionable, it can easily be carried by car.

There are some challenges we have to overcome now. But it’s too early to start facing them one by one, so we’ll keep you updated as we advance on this.

Needless to say it’s very important for us to know about your interest in a full fairing for your Gekko, as our plans include exporting it. As for the shape and other features, we will be posting about it soon on our Facebook page (3ike Recumbents).

We’ll be more than happy to hear your comments and about your interest in this project. You can communicate with us on

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